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Experience and Competence

Elastoplast is a global brand, founded in 1882 in Hamburg, Germany, when the very first Elastoplast plaster was developed and patented by pharmacist Paul Carl Beiersdorf. Driven by innovation, quality and progress, Beiersdorf in 1977 became one of the pioneers in sports medicine, developing sports medicine products and injury prevention management practices, in particular so in its affiliate in Australia. With over 200 tried and tested products, which are sold in countries from Germany to Chile and the UK to New Zealand, Elastoplast now offers a wide range of product solutions to help prevent and heal sport injuries, foot problems, pains and strains as well as wound care.

Quality as a Benchmark

So how did we get from one small plaster to all of this? Innovation and research have always been at the core of the Elastoplast business, combining tradition with the latest scientific developments. We have accumulated our scientific knowhow and profound understanding of skin and wounds for over 125 years here at Beiersdorf. It is something that goes into every Elastoplast tape, dressing, brace and plaster.

To continuously meet the demands of an ever changing world, we strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do. We are proud that Australia recognises both Elastoplast and Leuko as two of the most trusted brands within the sport & health industry, with a market leading range of Sports Tapes, Sports Medicine and Wound Care products.